Japanese garden are peace
Japanese garden are peace

Design Your Garden In Japanese Style

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Garden In Japanese Style – From my own experience I can say that it’s the right place where I can rest in full. Even when I was a pupil I used to come home, take my books and go to the garden. It was the only tranquil place where it was so easy to concentrate. I used to read books and listen to sweet bird songs in my little paradise. A garden a marvelous place where you take a break.

Design Your Garden In Japanese Style
Design Your Garden In Japanese Style source : Jennifer Boyer/flickr

Imagine yourself sitting on a porch swing and watching flying birds in the open sky. Isn’t it wonderful? No matter how tired and busy you are, if you have a garden you’ll be willing to spend some time there. Moreover, maybe when you come home, you’ll want to drink a cup of tea in the garden. You’ll enjoy its relaxing atmosphere and forget about the daily grind.

But you should also make sure you have good garden furniture. Firstly you need to know what kind of furniture you need, like benches, chairs, tables and maybe a swing. You may look for garden furniture sets on the Internet as a lot of web sites present a wide selection. Nowadays a lot of people prefer teak wooden furniture. I think purchasing teak furniture is a great choice. With teak furniture you feel comfortable in your magical garden.

Japanese Garden Design Idea Source: Flickr
Japanese Garden Design Idea Source: Flickr

If you want your outdoor furniture to maintain its original color, you should take proper care of it. For instance use a bristle brush when cleaning a furniture. Always clean dust and patina from your garden furniture sets. I recommend cleaning teak furniture with either laundry detergent or a bristle brush. Protect and seal the teak so your furniture will always look new. Besides garden furniture you may decorate your garden with outdoor decor such as fountains, lanterns and statues. Make your garden look aesthetically beautiful and enjoy spending time there!

Design Your Garden In Japanese StyleIf you want to have an original and inspiring garden, then Japanese outdoor garden decor is just for you. A Japanese garden is a piece of art. The more you learn about it, the more you are immersed in its philosophy. But you don’t have to be engaged in Japanese philosophy just to create a beautiful Japanese garden. What I love most about Japanese gardens is that they are natural. There are few colors in them, and no symmetry. They are like pieces of timeless and untouched nature, and yet they are designed to bring comfort to people.

Japanese Garden Design Idea For You
Japanese Garden Design Idea For You source: flickr

The basic principles of a Japanese garden are peace, conciliation, orderliness, and of course, beauty. A Japanese garden has a certain structure. It is enclosed and fenced from the surroundings by plants and fences, or hills. Rocks are basis elements of a Japanese garden, they create it’s structure. Also a Japanese garden must have a stream with a waterfall or pond, a bridge across it, and a tea house. At its entrance there is a stone basin, full of clear water, or with lily growing on it’s surface.

But you can use your imagination and Japanese outdoor garden decor to design your own garden the way you want. You will need Bonsai trees, artificial rocks, a stone basin, and a bridge, if you have a pond. Also a Japanese garden includes a tea house, but if it is difficult for you to find one, you can use a gazebo and design it to look like a tea house. You can use the rocks to create a path which will pass through your garden, or make stepping stones across the stream, or to shape your garden, or any other way you like.

Small Japanese Garden Design Style
Small Japanese Garden Design Style source: Pinterest

A stone basin full of water symbolizes an invitation to enter the garden. The one who enters can wash his hands and face with the clear water in it, or just look at it and drown in his own thoughts. Bonsai trees will make your garden look timeless and everlasting, and they will add mystery to it. You can also plant other trees and flowers, but avoid using very different colors and shapes, for your garden is designed to bring peace and tranquility to you. Feel free to use other outdoor garden decor elements, like lanterns, birdbaths, fountains, statues, umbrellas and garden furniture. All this will make your garden the place where you really relax.

It will be original and pleasant to the eye. When designing your Japanese garden remember that it must be full of secrets, it must look like a small island lost in time and space. I am sure you will enjoy having such an island at home.

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