Architectural masterpiece Simple Yet Extravagantin North central Phoenix
Architectural masterpiece Simple Yet Extravagantin North central Phoenix

Simple Extravagant Architectural masterpiece in North central Phoenix

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Located in Paradise depression in North Central Phoenix, this home is a masterpiece of contemporary design. it absolutely was designed by Saint George Christensen of Circle West Architects, noted for his spectacular creations. the situation permits the residence to face out even before you get to envision it. The wide views of the desert ar undoubtedly AN uncommon sight.


The design is straightforward however extravagant. The home is product of concrete, glass and steel, not AN uncommon combination in trendy design. it’s floor-to-ceiling glass walls that type a clear facade, connecting the indoor and out of doors areas and permitting the desert to become a section of the ornament while not transportation altogether the dirt and also the dry atmosphere. the inside is fantastically volumed and also the house has four bedrooms and 3 bogs moreover as a two-car garage and, of course, the spacious living areas.

The Desert House was completed in 2008 and it’s an exquisite family home. the mix of exquisite interior style and gorgeous views that take over the ornament is totally lovely. additionally, the luxurious interior makes it an exquisite place to measure. There’s a really nice exotic hint that makes the house a one-of-a-kind creation.

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